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We are a comprehensive software solutions and technology company, serving globally with the biggest brands.

The most iconic software development team possesses vast knowledge of the latest technology. Their focus is on developing cutting-edge software solutions for enterprises worldwide.

from 2019

Software Company

Our story

In the heart of a Dhaka in 2019, SoftBurgh was born. Committed to transforming the landscape of software solutions, two young tech enthusiasts set out to challenge the status quo. What started as an ambitious dream in a modest garage quickly evolved into a recognized name in the tech industry.

Rooted in innovation, SoftBurgh's journey has been about breaking boundaries and fostering a culture of creativity. Our team of brilliant minds works tirelessly to deliver software solutions that empower businesses, redefine customer experiences, and drive growth.

In these six transformative years, SoftBurgh has grown from a two-person operation to a global entity. Our footprint now extends across multiple continents, but our mission remains the same - to develop impactful software that helps businesses thrive.

Today, SoftBurgh stands at the intersection of technology and business, pioneering solutions that inspire change. We're not just building software; we're sculpting the future, one code line at a time

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Our Team

How we work

Team Member

Mn Nahid

Co-Founder & CEO
Team Member

Yasir Arafat

Co-Founder & CTO
Team Member

Eahea Ratan

Co-Founder & COO
Team Member


Technical Product Manager
Team Member

Imtiaj Amin

Sr. Mobile App Developer
Team Member

Aslam Uddin

Chief Design Officer

We are happy to work with global largest brands

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Unleashing the Potential of our Software Systems

SoftBurgh has unlocked the full potential of our software systems, revolutionizing the way we operate. Their creative solutions and meticulous attention to detail have elevated our software to a whole new level. SoftBurgh's team of experts not only understood our requirements but went above and beyond to add value to our project. Their innovative ideas and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in our success. We wholeheartedly recommend SoftBurgh to any organization looking to unleash the true power of their software systems.

Jhon gilbert

CEO, PingBird

Our Trusted Partner in Software Development

SoftBurgh has been an invaluable partner in our software development journey. Their expertise and dedication have played a pivotal role in shaping our systems. With their innovative solutions and collaborative approach, SoftBurgh has not only met but exceeded our expectations. Their ability to understand our unique needs and translate them into efficient software solutions is commendable. We are grateful for their ongoing support and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Dr. Pradipta Chowdhury

CEO, EyeBuddy

SoftBurgh's software revolutionized our operations!

SoftBurgh's software solutions have had a profound impact on our company's operations. Their innovative technology and seamless integration have greatly enhanced our productivity and efficiency. The team at SoftBurgh demonstrated exceptional expertise, guiding us through the implementation process with meticulous attention to detail. We are extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend SoftBurgh's software to any organization seeking a transformative solution.

Jhon Thomas

Founder, All Trade Construction

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